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GlasSpanTM Composite Resins and Fiber-Reinforcement Systems


In 1992, we set out to revolutionize restorative dentistry by developing a flexible, bondable reinforcement material with superior tensile and flexural strength. According to thousands of dentists, we have done just that. Now, we have revolutionized GlasSpan by introducing a complete system that answers the single biggest question received: which composite resins work best with GlasSpan ceramic ropes and tapes? Rather than simply list our favorites, we developed our own and included them in an all-new, complete system for fast, easy chairside use. more


Unlike other fiber reinforcement materials, GlasSpan requires no special scissors. When cut, GlasSpan hollow ropes are designed to open wide for easy composite resin injection. Once filled, the ends pinch closed with no fraying. GlasSpan tapes are also easily cut by first coating with resin. You do not need special gloves, either. Touching GlasSpan with bare hands or latex gloves will not harm it or ruin its superior bonding power. The bottom line? Easier handling, with less chair time and greater patient satisfaction.more


Superior polishability, extremely durable. Because GlasSpan ropes and tapes are made of flexible ceramic fibers, they offer unsurpassed dimensional stability when compared to traditional plastic fibers and ribbons. GlasSpan ropes and tapes do not fray when polished. Additionally, they will not break down or introduce moisture or other contaminates into the restoration, and are completely biocompatible. And because our ropes and tapes are thin, they are virtually invisible when resin coated. Patients and professionals alike appreciate their aesthetic value. more