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  1. Trauma Kit

    Includes everything necessary to quickly and easily stabilize injured teeth without the use of metallic wire. The average time to place the splint is just 10 minutes. Enough material is supplied to stabilize two arches. General Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists, as well as hospital, government, and community dental clinics will find the kit particularly useful, eliminating the need to purchase components from multiple sources. The GlasSpan Trauma Kit™ retails for $99.95. Multiple unit discounts available.

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  2. All Tape Kit

    All tape kit. Learn More
  3. Standard Kit

    Standard kit includes flexible ceramic strength members for a minimum of 12 applications: Three each, woven tape, small, medium large braided rope. Learn More
  4. Custom Kit
    Any combination of 4 vials: -Woven tape (3 per vial) -Braided rope, small (3 per vial) -Braided rope, medium (3 per vial) -Braided rope, large (3 per vial) 0-1 tape vial kit $169 2 tape vial per kit $174 3 tape vials per kit $179 -4 tape vials Learn More

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4 Item(s)

The flexible ropes and tapes have been pretreated and will readily attach to virtually all dental restorative composite resins.  The tooth surface, whether enamel or dentin, should be treated utilizing the adhesive system with which you are currently most comfortable.  It is not necessary to change from you current adhesive system.


Woven Tape:  Extracoronal anterior post-orthodontic or periodontal splinting;  as a matrix for immediate pontics.

Small Braided Rope:  Intra- or extracoronal anterior splinting; emergency stabilization; flexible attachments for bonded bridgework; fiber-reinforced post and core.

Medium Braided Rope:  Intracoronal anterior and posterior periodontal splinting; emergency stabilization;  flexible attachments for bonded bridgework;  fiber-reinforced post and core.

Large Braided Rope:  Intracoronal posterior periodontal splinting; flexible attachments for bonded bridgework.